Samara’s Voice Studio


What Can I Expect?

Samara instructs students and clients of all ages and levels: children, teens and adults, from absolute beginner to advanced. She offers lessons for singers of any genre, including (but not limited to): classical/choral, opera, musical theatre, pop, folk, and jazz. Her focus is in encouraging cultivation of a healthy technique of mindful posture (informed by Alexander Technique, as well as elements of yoga and physiotherapy), breath support, vowel formation, and placement/resonance, based on her own operatic training, varied education and personal experience.

Lessons are individualized and vary based on the goals of the student. Samara is happy to guide a tentative beginner in coaxing out their free and unhindered voice (hopefully with confidence!), in instruction of reading music notation, in refinement of technique and expressive delivery of lyrics/text, in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian diction, or in acting approaches and preparation for a performance or audition.

Samara has a holistic and varied skillset. She has worked with non-singing clients in developing more stamina and a healthier approach to their speaking voice (in speaking "on the breath"  as opposed to "muscling" one's voice, and in eliminating vocal fry). She also offers mindfulness techniques as well as Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) for those students and clients struggling with stress and performance anxiety.


Studio Policies

How To Book?

Samara offers lessons both in-person (in accord with current public health guidelines) and via the Zoom platform. Introductory lessons can be booked without further commitment. Afterwards, monthly packages of instruction are available.

Introductory lesson rates:
$62.50 for an hour
$47.50 for 45 minutes
$34 for 30 minutes

Please contact Samara for further details regarding private instruction, or to book an intro lesson. You can also access her Studio Policies below.

Studio Policies and Frequently Asked Questions

Client Reviews:

"I love Samara’s holistic, and grounding approach as a teacher. I came from a very strict background of classical singing, and I had no idea that I had picked up so many bad habits, and that I was holding so much tension in my body! Samara is really good at explaining how to achieve good singing technique through both physiology and symbolism, and has a super approachable demeanour. Highly recommended." - Katy

"I am an older student (50+) who decided to take lessons to try to improve my singing when I play guitar... [Samara] is full of enthusiasm and energy. She is patient and listens very carefully. I really like how she pinpoints areas to work on and has plenty of visualization techniques in her arsenal." - Frank

"Samara has been an excellent vocal teacher, and I’m so thrilled to study under her. Not only is she engaged, and imbues each session with positivity, but she is also very patient. I’m a total beginner, and Samara has such a versatile toolbox of methods to coax the best out of her students, even if they’ve never sung a note in their lives.
Because of working with her, I am able to come out of my shell in a safe and understanding space, and discover a new aspect of my self expression. Her lessons and my singing journey have been the most rewarding thing I have done. Anyone looking to learn or get to the next level, should look to her." - Tanya