Tarot & EFT (Tapping)

What is Tarot? What is EFT?

You may have heard of tarot as a classic system of divination using illustrated cards. What I offer in particular are readings of a more psychospiritual approach, which serve to help clients reflect on a present situation and on their own sense of agency and intention. I focus on the tarot system as a gateway into psychological archetypes and aim to encourage and guide clients in using the cards as a sounding board for personal insight.

EFT is an acronym for Emotional Freedom Technique, an energy healing technique that combines cognitive reframing with somatic stimulation; in particular, it utilizes percussive tapping of acupressure points, easily self-administered by the client with their own fingertips. I guide clients in tapping on specific energetic pathways known as meridians while talking on an issue or problem. A degree of emotional release or relief is usually felt after only a few minutes.

In my work, I aim to help clients combine the self-reflective aspects of tarot with the somatic effects of tapping.

Client reviews:

I’ve struggled with anxiety my whole life, but just 20 minutes with Samara brought me a sense of calm and confidence I hadn’t felt in years. I literally began breathing again. Samara listened to my concerns, explained everything we were doing and why, and showed me techniques I could use on my own to stay relaxed, focused, and comfortable. I would recommend her to anyone!
- Patrick

My tarot readings with Samara have been deeply healing. I've had the absolute pleasure of seeing her monthly for quite some time now, so we've had the chance to work through a lot together. Each reading has helped me better understand myself and my choices in life. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable about the Major and Minor Arcana, but her intuitive sense when interpreting the cards is seriously life changing. I'm genuinely so grateful for the magic Samara has given me through her readings!
- Mariana

Services & Rates

What service should I book?

Interested in having a shorter, tarot-only session? I offer "mini readings":
* Around 15-20 minutes for $25

I offer longer durations for:
* Longer tarot & oracle readings
* Tarot & tapping
* Tapping-only sessions

My rates for longer sessions are as follows:
* 30 minutes for $40
* 45 minutes for $55
* 1 hour for $70

Unsure about what duration you'd like, especially in regards to tapping? Contact me at samarachelle@gmail.com and I can make a suggestion!